I am a 20-something with a lot of hobbies:- Furry artist
- Twitch streamer
- Musician
- Coder
- 3d Modeler (???)
- Fighting game nerd
pronounscharacter refsLive2D Bases!?

Commission status will be on my Trello or my TwitterCommission Terms of Service / DetailsLive2D/PNGtuber Vtuber prices Simple Commission Sheet (image)───Preferred method of payment is PayPal (I will send an invoice by email)Contact me through Twitter DMs (or alternatively Discord) for questions and etc.Twitter : @scootzzzzzx
Discord : Scootzzzzzx#3684
Discord server : link
───Prices & examples are below (USD)

*Head shotBustHalf bodyFull body
iPad doodle (flat)$10$15$20$30
iPad doodle (shaded)$20$30$40$50
Full shaded$30$40$55$70

Live2D Avatar:---(Cost may vary depending on details)
These prices are for Art + Rigging. If you already have art & just want Rigging, the cost will be reduced by 33%. The art you send me should be properly cut & (if necessary) have lineart/fill/shading separated.
- First outfit is free. Additional outfits will be 20% of the base cost.
- First emote is free. Additional emotes will be 5% of the base cost. (emotes are things like Shocked eyes, Star eyes, Crying, Flushed)
- Rigs with arms will have a waving animation included (closed/open hand). Any additional hand poses are an additional 5% of the base cost.
-Complex designs (outfit, character, non-humanoid, 3/4 view) may cost more. See "Other" section further down for what constitutes complex characters.
Later additions:
You can add the above things later for the same cost as usual. You can also get an "upgrade" (e.g. same model, Half-body to Full-body) with the cost of the old model being subtracted from the resulting cost.

*BustFull body
iPad sketch$100$200
Flat color$150$300
Fully shaded$250$500
Image version of live2d vtuber prices
Chibi PNGtuber:$30
Symmetrical Halfbody PNGtuber:$50
3/4 view Halfbody PNGtuber:$75
Fullbody Sitting PNGtuber:$125
(Cost may vary depending on details) 
(Extras will be priced like the Live2D vtuber extras section) 

$15 each

bro what are you doing don't commission me for music i have never done music for someone else before
$25 for 1 minute, $15 for each additional minute

Other:You can specify if you would prefer to have cel-shading or soft shading, and/or colored lines. You can also specify more chibi or realistic proportions (namely for half-body/full-body).
If unspecified I'll do whichever I prefer/think fits best.
I can try to do NSFW but it will be bad and it will be 1.5x the cost.For illustrations, extra characters will be an additional cost equal to the base cost. Props or complex backgrounds will be an addition of half the base cost. (example: 2 characters fullbody, complex bg, 45 + 45 + 22.5 = 112.5For illustrations or Vtubers, characters with many details or very complex markings/outfits/armor/etc. may also count as a small additional cost. Typically whether a character is "complex" will be decided on a case-by-case basis.
A complex character would likely have one or more of the following:
> Extra heads or limbs
> Armor with ornate trim and multiple layers
> Asymmetrical designs/patterns
> Excess of accessories or fur colors (10+)
Randomized fur patterns (e.g. spots/stripes) will not generally count for this.
If you would like something that's not specified exactly on this page, you can still contact me about it and we can figure out a price.

-Terms of Service-I (the artist) reserve the right to cancel the commission at any time. Full refund will be issued if it was canceled before flat color. Partial refund (50%) will be issued if it was canceled after flat color. Refunds will not be issued after the art is completed.The finished piece may be used/shared for any personal purposes (profiles/websites/etc.). I (the artist) reserve the rights to the image for use in digital portfolios and printings or etc., unless otherwise stated by the commissioner. The finished piece may not be used for commercial purposes/projects, without arranging licensing terms beforehand.The art cannot be used for NFTs or any other kind of blockchain or crypto-currency based content. The art cannot be used in AI tools; this includes training datasets, and image generation/modification.A commission of Live2D Vtubers or PNGTubers will come with full commercial rights for use in streaming, promotional images, and merchandise, or other similar purposes.By sending payment you agree to these terms of service.──────────────────────After receiving a commission request and any additional details, I will first send you some thumbnail sketch(es) to confirm what you want, then send you an invoice (PayPal) by email.After payment, work-in-progress pics will be sent periodically (cleaned sketch, lineart + flat color, etc).───Will not draw:
Complex machinery (e.g. vehicles, mechas)
Gore / excess blood
Unfamiliar artstyles (e.g. realism)
I prefer to draw anthros, but I can attempt human or feral/animal characters also.───────Here is a simple version of the commission sheet, for offline reference or sharing: